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2000 and Onwards:

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash
"Argus Live"
"Warriors & Kings"
3 LP, Glasgow 2017
[MTWA - Argus Live 2010 cover art] [The Hour of Eternity cover art]
Zajecar Guitar
Bootleg DVD, 2007
"The Hour of Eternity"
Milton Keynes 2008
[Zajecar guitar festival cover art] [The Hour of Eternity cover art]
Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash
"Roadhouse Blues"
Birmingham 2006
"Healing Ground"
Welwyn Garden 2005
[Roadhouse Blues cover art] [Healing Ground cover art]
"Sellersville Theater 2004" "Park Hotel, Tynemouth Newcastle" 2003
[2004_sellersville_theater_bootleg.jpg] [2003_park_hotel_newcastle_tracks.htm]
"Live Dates 2003" Chapell Hill "Unplugged Live Dates 2002"
AshFest 2002
[2003_live_dates_2003_bootleg.jpg] [2002_ashcon_at_sea_-_acoustic_bootleg.jpg]


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Last update: Oct, 2018