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The "Rockpalast" Bootlegs:

Rockpalast 1976 CD Live in Cologne 1976 CD
[1976 rockpalast cd cover art] [1976 live in Cologne cd cover art]
Live at Sporthalle, Köln, Germany
Wishbone Ash,
December 1, 1976
[1976_rockpalast_bootleg_dvd_3 cover art] [1976_rockpalast_bootleg_dvd_2 cover art]
Wishbone Ash,
LIVE, Rockpalast, Germany, '76
Wishbone Ash,
Rockpalast 1976
[1976_rockpalast_bootleg_dvd_1 cover art] [1976_rockpalast_bootleg_dvd_4 cover art]


* CD and all DVDs based
  on 1976 TV Broadcasts.





Written by: Rainer Frilund
Last update: Aug, 2023