"Warriors & Kings" Bootleg - Tracks


A triple LP containing the tracks from Apollo, Glasgow gig on 16-Mar-2017.
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Song Other
Side A
      Bona Fide
      Eyes Wide Open
      You See Red
Side B
      The Spirit Flies Free
      The King Will Come
      Warrior (actually The King Will Come, again)
Side C
      Throw Down the Sword
      Band Introduction
      Rock'n'Roll Widow
      Take it Back
Side D
      Way Down South
      In Crisis
Side E
      Open Road
      Deep Blues
      Jail Bait
Side F
      Blowin' Free


"Flying Elephant" / Cat# ??? / Denmark?, Year?
The Ferry, Glasgow, UK 16-Mar-2017
Andy Powell, Muddy Manninen, Bob Skeat & Joe Crabtree


All info courtesy of Jean-Paul Baume.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Oct, 2017