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Song Time Other
The King Will Come 7:53 !
Strange Affair 6:18 +
Throw Down The Sword 6:15 !
In The Skin 6:11
Hard Times 5:04 #
Blowin' Free 8:32 !
Keeper Of The Light (%) 4:25 !
    Blind Eye, Lady Whiskey, Jail Bait,
    Phoenix & The Pilgrim
8:44 !
Runaway 3:44 @
Sometime World 6:37 !
Vas Dis 5:55


Bonus track on 2012 enhanced CD release:
      The King Will Come Flash video track.


ANDY POWELL: Guitar, vocals
ROGER FILGATE: Guitar, lap steel, vocals
TONY KISHMAN: Bass, vocals

! by Andy Powell, Ted Turner, Steve Upton & Martin Turner
+ by Andy Powell & Andy Pyle
by Andy Powell & Martin Turner
# by Andy Powell
* by Ted Turner & Steve Upton
@ by Laurie Wisefield, Andy Powell, Steve Upton & Martin Turner
by Jack McDuff


(%) Track length correction by Max Jackson.

Note that certain "dubious" download-only releases have
somewhat different track lengths on a couple of tracks. See
[Bootlegs and Pirates]


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2013