Live at Rockpalast DVD + 2CD + 2LP - Tracks

Recorded live at Rockpalast, Sporthalle, Cologne, 1st December 1976.

Finally a legal and remastered version!
There's been a lot of bootleg relases through the years but now you can ensure your money goes to the artists.

Same tracks on DVD, 2CD and 2LP.

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Tracks Length  
Side A
Runaway 3:40  
The King Will Come 6:44  
(The) Warrior 7:05  
Lorelei 6:29  
Side B
(In All of My Dreams) You Rescue Me 7:19  
Persephone 8:27  
Outward Bound 4:13  
Side C
Mother of Pearl 6:26  
It Started in Heaven 8:09  
Time Was 7:48  
Side D
Blowin' Free 7:23  
Bad Weather Blues 11:01  
Jail Bait 6:44  


    Andy Powell - Guitars and Vocals
    Laurie Wisefield - Guitars and Vocals
    Martin Turner - Bass and Vocals
    Steve Upton - Drums




Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Mar, 2021