Live at Glasgow Apollo 77 - Double LP - Tracks


Mastered from the original tapes by Pete Reynolds (also responsible for The Vintage Years box set)

Released as...

Both formats contain the exact same tracks, except for format requirements.
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Song Time Other
Blind Eye 2:41  
Lady Whiskey 2:46  
The King Will Come 6:24  
Warrior 5:34  
Throw Down The Sword 4:22  
Front Page News 5:57  
Sometime World 7:13  
Goodbye Baby Hello Friend 5:27  
Runaway 3:38  
Come In From The Rain 5:15  
Phoenix 11:57  
Jail Bait 5:41  
Blowin' Free 6:20  
No Easy Road 4:59  




Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jan, 2019