From the Archives Vol III - Tracks

Released 1996.
The first release (USASH) was titled "Archives III".
Later UK release (Powerbright) was titled "From the Archives Volume 3"
This discography uses a "compromised" version as the title for all three "From the Archives" releases.

Song Artist Date/Place
Open Road 1,3,8,14 Demo tape
Cell Of Fame 1,3,9,14 14-Sep-85/Loreley Festival, Germany
Long Live The Night 1,3,9,14 Demo tape
She's Still Alive 1,3,9,14 Demo tape
Don't Come Back 1,3,9,14 14-Sep-85/Loreley Festival, Germany
Cat And Dog Fight 1,3,7,14 23-May-82/Oxford Apollo Theater, UK
Danny Don't Go To Ireland 1,3,7,14,16 16-Jun-81/Paris, France
One Time Only "CHOICE" Demo Tape
Love Abuse 1,2,10,15 16-Mar-93/Bossier City, LA
The Last Time (In East St.Louis) 1,2,10,15 16-Mar-93/Bossier City, LA
70's Rock 4 Roger Filgate demo tape
Wings Of Desire (Acoustical) 1,2,11,12,15 13-May-93/Greater London Radio
Another Time (Acoustical) 1,4 USASH promo tape
Ship Of Dreams (Acoustical) 1,4 USASH promo tape
East Coast Boogie (Acoustical) 1,4 USASH promo tape
Hard Times (Acoustical) 1,5,13 16-Mar-93/Bossier City, LA
Ashes From The Table 1,2,10,15 Rehearsal Demo


Guitar: Bass: Drums:
  1 - Andy Powell   6 - Martin Turner 14 - Steve Upton
  2 - Ted Turner   7 - Trevor Bolder 15 - Ray Weston
  3 - Laurie Wisefield   8 - John Wetton  
  4 - Roger Filgate   9 - Mervyn Spence Lead Vocals:
  5 - Mike Ware 10 - Andy Pyle 16 - Claire Hamill
11 - Alan Darby 12 - Brad Lang  
  13 - John Young  

    Ted Turner - Guitar/Vocals,
    Robbie Hewlett - Bass/Vocals,
    Greg Cook - Keys/Vocals,
    Bobby Dean Wickland - Drums


What's Unique About This?

More extremely rare live recordings and demos.
Previously unreleased songs/versions found only on this CD:

Several other tracks are either unique versions of the song (e.g. Love Abuse) or they're released in just a few other CDs (e.g. She's Still Alive found only on the Distillation 4CD box and on this CD).


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2004