From the Archives Vol II - Tracks

Released 1994.
The first release (USASH) was titled "Archives (Vol.) II".
Later UK release (Powerbright) was titled "From the Archives Volume 2"
This discography uses a "compromised" version as the title for all three "From the Archives" releases.

Song Date/Place
Alone, beginning (*) Demo
The Pilgrim (*) 1974 live New Jersey
Rest In Peace 1976 live Liverpool Empire
Silver Shoes 1974 live Volkshaus, Zürich
Lifeline 1980 live Ipswich, Gaumont
Persephone 1974 live Zürich, Volkshaus
Outward Bound 1976 live Liverpool Empire
Lady Jay 1974 live Volkshaus, Zürich
Clousseau (*) 1988 live Tuttlingen, Akzente
T-Bone Shuffle (*) 1989 from I.R.S. promo 12"
Bolan's Monument (*) 1989 from I.R.S. promo 12"
Alone, end (*) Demo

ANDY POWELL: Guitars, vocals
LAURIE WISEFIELD: Guitars, vocals
    on (*) TED TURNER: Guitars, vocals
MARTIN TURNER: Bass, vocals


What's Unique About This?

Rare live recordings, a demo and s couple of (then) rare IRS tracks.
Never mind the sound quality: Boot the bootleggers!.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2004