Live in Tokyo - Credits

Recorded in Tokyo on 10th and 15th November 1978.
Produced by Martin Turner.

Mobile Recording Unit: TAMCO
Engineered by Tatsuo Umezu
Management: John Sherry
Co-ordination: Penny Gibbons
Tour Management : Mal Linwood-Ross
Sound: Tony Self
Stage Management: Tom Hagan
Lighting: Nick Sholem

Road Crew:
        Ron Schweitzer
        Mick Hedge
        Mike Collins

Special thanks to:
        Mr. Omori and all at Victor Rcords,
        Mr. Udo and the Staff of Udo Artists,
        Takahashi Hagiwara of Yamaha, John Wilkes,
        MCA International and Allen Grubman.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 1998