Live in Tokyo - Comments


Recording date and production info courtesy of Tsutomu Kubota.


Live in Tokyo - Personal View

This is unfair! The Japanese people could hear a live Wishbone Ash recording of the Laurie era almost two years earlier than the rest of the world. Consider yourself lucky!


Always a tasty bit. (See more in the comments part of Live Dates Volume 2)

The Way Of The World

The first two songs appear on Live Dates Volume 2 too. Maybe Andyís solos are more aggressive on this Live in Japan version.

You See Red

Andyís guitar jingles just as nice as on the studio version and Laurieís guitar crunches out riffs. The beginning of the song is somewhat "loose" but when it starts off, itís works real well.

Jail Bait

A live version with Tedís lead vocals replaced by Martin. Yet the song, the battling guitars and dual leads sound just as good as before.

Blowin' Free

Another oldie thatís been reworked with Laurie. Not much changes. Laurie has stepped into Tedís role with ease.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2004