US Singles - Cover Art

Pictures of five USA singles.

Promo single Rock 'n' Roll Widow / No Easy Road, MCA-40041, 1973
MCA-40041a MCA-40041b
Promo single Lorelei (stereo) / Lorelei (mono), ATLANTIC 3381, 1976
The label on monaural side:
Picture and info courtesy of Bob Beresford.
Promo single Loaded / Loaded, L33-1724 (MCA 2650), 1981
[L33-1724 (MCA 2650)] [L33-1724 (MCA 2650)]
Picture courtesy of Vemund Grimstad.
Sample Copy Get Ready / Loaded, MCA 51149 (MC11452), 1981
[MCA 51149 (MC11452)]
Promo single Wurm / All Along The Watchtower / No Limit / Never in My Life (IRS-83000), 1989
[IRS-83000 front] [IRS-83000 back]
Picture courtesy of Bob Beresford.
CD Single Keeper of the Light, IRSD-006, USA
Picture courtesy of Andy Garcarz.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 2019