Japan Singles - Cover Art

All pictures and info courtesy of Vemund Grimstad.
Based on his collection of Japanese promo singles.

Note that the actual cover art on promo singles are the same as on official releases.

Blowin' Free / No Easy Road, D-1177, 1974
[D-1177] [D-1177]
Persephone / Hometown, D-1270, 1974
[D-1270] [D-1270]
Moonshine / It Started In Heaven, VIM-1310, 1976
[VIM1318] [VIM1318]
Goodbye Baby, Hello Friend / Come In From The Rain, VIM-1338, 1977
[VIM-1338] [VIM-1338]
You See Red / Bad Weather Blues, VIM-1354, 1978
[VIM 1354] [VIM 1354]


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 2007