Former Members of
Wishbone Ash
Steve Upton

Sideline History

Martin Turner

Sideline History
The Beauty of Chaos
  - Live at The Citadel

Written in the Stars
Garden Party
Blue Bishops - Deep
Walking the Reeperbahn
Walking the R. - Promo
Keanan - Watersport
Empty Vessels - Single

Ted Turner

Sideline History
Ted & Majella
    - Better Together

    - Divine Timing
Eclektic Value

Laurie Wisefield

Sideline History
Home - BBC Sessions 1972-73
- The Alchemist
- Home
- Pause for a Hoarse Horse
Roger Chapman CD

Claire Hamill

Sideline History
The Lost and the Lovers

John Wetton

Sideline History
Chasing the Dragon
King Crimson - Red

Trevor Bolder

Sideline History

Mervyn "Spam" Spence

Sideline History
O'Ryan - Something Strong
O'Ryan - Initiate
O'Ryan - Emer May 5CD

Jamie Crompton

Sideline History

Phil Palmer

Sideline History
Dire Straits - On the Night
Spin 1ne 2wo

Andy Pyle

Sideline History

Robbie France

Sideline History

Brad Lang

Sideline History

Roger Filgate

Sideline History
Progressive Collective
Worlds Within
Blast Room - Rock is Dead
Cinema - Universal Language

Tony Kishman

Sideline History
Catch 22
Old Single

Mike Sturgis

Sideline History

Mark Birch

Sideline History

Ben Granfelt

Sideline History [New]
True Colours [New]
My Soul LIVE to You
My Soul to You
Another Time
Time Flies When You're Playing the Guitar
BGB - 20th Anniversary Tour
Los Bastardos Finlandeses - BMF Ball
Los Bastardos Finlandeses - Day of the Dead
Melodic Relief
Los Bastardos Finlandeses - Saved by Rock'n'Roll
Notes from the Road
The Sum of Memories
Live Experience
The Past Experience
Guitar Slingers - S/T
Total Balalaika Show
Gringos Locos - S/T
Code-5 - 7" single

Ray Weston

Sideline History
Jesus Christ Superstore

Muddy Manninen

Sideline History [New]
River Flows [New]
Hipkiss - Shedfunk
Long Player
Gringos Locos - Second Coming of Age
- Bear With Me, Single
- Raw Deal
- Punch Drunk
Havana Blacks - single
Red House Band - single
Suuri kitarakirja

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