Former Members of
Wishbone Ash
Steve Upton

Sideline History

Martin Turner

Sideline History
Written in the Stars
Garden Party
Blue Bishops - Deep
Walking the Reeperbahn
Walking the R. - Promo
Keanan - Watersport
Empty Vessels - Single

Ted Turner

Sideline History
Ted & Majella -
    Better Together

Eclektic Value

Laurie Wisefield

Sideline History
Home - BBC Sessions 1972-73
- The Alchemist
- Home
- Pause for a Hoarse Horse
Roger Chapman CD

Claire Hamill

Sideline History
The Lost and the Lovers

John Wetton

Sideline History
Chasing the Dragon
King Crimson - Red

Trevor Bolder

Sideline History

Mervyn "Spam" Spence

Sideline History
O'Ryan - Something Strong
O'Ryan - Initiate
O'Ryan - Emer May 5CD

Jamie Crompton

Sideline History

Phil Palmer

Sideline History
Dire Straits - On the Night
Spin 1ne 2wo

Andy Pyle

Sideline History

Robbie France

Sideline History

Brad Lang

Sideline History

Roger Filgate

Sideline History
Progressive Collective
Worlds Within
Blast Room - Rock is Dead
Cinema - Universal Language

Tony Kishman

Sideline History
Catch 22
Old Single

Mike Sturgis

Sideline History

Mark Birch

Sideline History

Ben Granfelt

Sideline History
My Soul LIVE to You
My Soul to You
Another Time
Time Flies When You're Playing the Guitar
BGB - 20th Anniversary Tour
Los Bastardos Finlandeses - BMF Ball
Los Bastardos Finlandeses - Day of the Dead
Melodic Relief
Los Bastardos Finlandeses - Saved by Rock'n'Roll
Notes from the Road
The Sum of Memories
Live Experience
The Past Experience
Guitar Slingers - S/T
Total Balalaika Show
Gringos Locos - S/T
Code-5 - 7" single

Ray Weston

Sideline History
Jesus Christ Superstore

Muddy Manninen

Sideline History
Hipkiss - Shedfunk
Long Player
Gringos Locos - Second Coming of Age
- Bear With Me, Single
- Raw Deal
- Punch Drunk
Havana Blacks - single
Red House Band - single
Suuri kitarakirja

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Written by: Rainer Frilund
Last update: Apr, 2019