Tim Brown - Drums, Percussion & Vocals

Member of Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash from December 2013 onwards.

Year Sidelines
  From www.wishboneash.co.uk:
"Tim has recorded, toured and played with Don Airey, Kee Marcello, Phil Campbell, Aynsley Lister, Vivid, Persian Risk, King King, The Garden, Maybe Grace, The Four Tops, and Nickolodeon, to name just a few.
In addition to holding an impressive live and studio CV, Tim is also one of the most in demand drum tutors. He is the co-founder of Drumbreaks events and performs drum master-classes and clinics across the UK. Tim has also written for the UK's top drumming magazine Rhythm.



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 2013