Ted Turner - Guitar & Vocals

Member from the beginning (August 1969) to May 1974.
Back in the line-up between Spring 1988 - February 1994.

Year Sidelines
  Pre Wishbone Ash:
King Bisquit in Birmingham
1973 Played on John Lennon's album Imagine (acoustic guitar on "Crippled Inside")
1975 "World Man Band" an attempt to raise global consciousness through rock music.
Association with scientist R. Buckminster Fuller (inventor of the Geodesic Home)
  Moved to California.
Worked recording, producing and song writing with:
George Harrison, Billy Preston, Al Stewart etc.
  Played with The Misfits, Santa Cruz Ca (time period uncertain)
1980 Moved back to England.
Worked recording, producing and song writing with:
Stewart Copeland, Gene October etc.
1981 1981 Returned to USA, married.
1982 Toured with Badfinger
  Early 80's in Choice featuring:
    Ted Turner Guitar/Vocals
    Robbie Hewlett Bass/Vocals
    Greg Cook Keys/Guitar/Vocals
    Dean Wickland Drums.
Recorded a four song demo that was never released, except for the song "One Time Only", which appeared on "Archives Vol. III" (See Unique material section).
1983 Recording and touring with Tom Gebr.
1983 Toured in USA with a band called "Wishbone Ash".
Stopped it when he was notified that the name is still in use by Andy, Steve, Laurie and Trevor.
1986 Worked with Brian Auger, Rod Stewart and did some Television promotion
1987 Moved to Chicago.
Worked recording, producing and song writing with: Sugar Blue (2 Grammys - one of the top harmonica players).
1988 Night of the Guitar tour with Andy Powell and a couple of other well respected guitarists: Pete Haycock, Steve Hunter, Leslie West, Steve Howe and Alvin Lee.
Both a video and a couple of LPs/CDs were released as a result of this project.
(See Andy's sideline story for more information of the CDs/LPs.)
1993 Solo songs after leaving Wishbone Ash for the second time and after the accidental death of his son Kip Turner: "Drink the Water", "Arizona Sun" and "I'll Never Be the Same Again". The songs were never released.
2004 Seems like Ted's selling his guitars etc. via ebay...
2007 Ted preparing a solo CD.
2010 ... which was released this year. Album is called Eclektic Value. More here:
Ted's own site here: tedturnerguitar.com
2007 A new album released: Ted & Majella - Better Together.
More info at www.tedturnerandmajella.com/music/.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 2017