World of Leather - Jesus Christ Superstore

Released 1995.

Song Time Other
Jesus Christ Superstore 4:37  
Booster 3:49  
Revolution St. 4:13  
Under Your Control 4:20  
Tinny Girl 3:39  
I Smoke Flowers 7:20  
Understand 3:00  
Manic Organic 2:43  
Dirtify You 3:55  
Shooting Star 4:06  
Rollercoaster Baby 5:21  


Mark Chase: Vox, acoustic guitar, sitar, bass on "Manic Organic"
Al McWalter: Guitar
Paul Guerin: Guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vox.
Paul Cuddeford: Guitar, backing vox.
Gus Gord: Bass
Rej Ap Gwynedd: Bass on "Booster"
Ray Weston: Drums and percussion


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 1998