Roger Filgate - Guitar & Vocals

Member from Summer 1994 to December 1997.
Occasional visits at certain gigs even after that.

Year Sidelines
  Before joining Wishbone Ash:
- Played in a prog-rock group called "Y" in LA-area
- Taught guitar in Connecticut
1997 Engineered New Joy's recording session.
New Joy features Roger's brothers Jimmy and Michael Filgate.
Dec 1997 Disliked promoting Wishbone Ash with the help of intense touring.
Concentrates on a well-funded project with his family.
1998 Appearing in a tribute production called "Beatlemania". Roger takes the role of George Harrison.
Tony Kishman is the producer of the show and he's also "Paul McCartney".
2000 Cinema, a band Roger is playing with his brother and some friends published an album called "Universal Language".
2005 Blast Room, a band Roger is playing in released a CD entitled "Rock is Dead".
2008 While Roger visited AshCon, a pre-release of his forthcoming solo CD "Worlds Within" was available.
It was officially published later on during the same year.
2010 "Letting Go". A downloadable instrumental track made available at CD Baby.
2011 "The Epic Singles". A two track downloadable instrumental "single" made available at CD Baby. Track titles:
      - White Rush-In
      - Life By Time
2012 "2". A two track downloadable instrumental "single" made available at CD Baby. Track titles:
      - Jimi's Page
      - Red Strat Shuffle
  Published a compilation CD called Progressive Collective with tracks from "2", "The Epic Singles", "Worlds Within", "Cinema / Universal Language" and "Wishbone Ash / Illuminations". The Wishbone Ash tracks are edited instrumentals.
  The tracks from "Wishbone Ash / Illuminations" that were included as edited instrumentals on Progressive Collective were also published as a CD entitled Wishbone Ash / Instrumental Illuminations.
Sold only at Wishbone Ash gigs. For track details, see year 2012.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 2012