Roger Filgate - Progressive Collective

All instrumental collection of tracks.
Released in 2012, Cat# ERASEND 700261825205.

Song Time From
Jimi's Page 4:16 "2"
Say What You Will 3:55 Worlds Within
Dissonance 4:44 Worlds Within
Rapid Fire 3:21 Cinema / Universal Language
Life By Time 9:28 The Epic Singles
Flight 4:45 Worlds Within
Red Strat Shuffle 4:36 "2"
White Rush-In 4:51 The Epic Singles
Mountainside (Instrumental) 4:09 Wishbone Ash / Illuminations
No Joke (Instrumental) 4:44 Wishbone Ash / Illuminations
Another Time (Instrumental) 2:53 Wishbone Ash / Illuminations
Tales of the Wise (Instrumental) 7:31 Wishbone Ash / Illuminations


The best of Roger’s instrumental progressive rock songs have been combined on this special collection. Selected tracks from solo albums “Worlds Within,” “The Epic Singles,” “2,” and Cinema’s “Universal Language” are all included. Also included is a NEW INSTRUMENTAL MIX of prog-rock tracks by Wishbone Ash. These unique arrangements are the first of its kind and are now available here!

Compiled and Arranged by Roger Filgate
Cover design: Roger Filgate
Wishbone Ash tracks written by Filgate/Powell, used by permission.
© 2012 Eras End Productions
All Rights Reserved

Special thanks to: Andy Powell, Leon Tsilis



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 2012