Martin Turner - Walking the Reeperbahn

Released 1996.

Song Time Other
Fire Sign 4.30 +&=
Walking The Reeperbahn 4.05 K%$
Hot Surrender 4.20 +&=%
My Brother 3.10 A
Strangers 4.40 +&=
Psychic Flash To Ginza 3.10 K
You 3.40 +&=
Passion 3.50 +&=
Lean On Me 3.35 +&=
Kelly's Away With The Fairies 3.35 G&=
Where Will I Go? 4.00 A$
The Naked Truth 5.15 G&=$
Heaven Is 4.15 (*)
Broken Down House 3.45 A



Vocals and Bass Guitar: +
plus Keys and Drums on:  K
plus Keys, Drums and Guitar on:  A
plus Guitar on:  G
Martin Turner
Guitar: & Stewart McKenzie
Keyboards: = Eryl Price-Davies

Ray Weston
Tim Broughton
Steve Williams
Additional Guitar-work:
Glenn Turner
Robin Berlin
Backing Vocals:   Anna-Lise Britton
(*) On HEAVEN IS: Keys and Bass
Martin Turner
Steve Upton
Andy Powell


Songs written by Martin Turner.
Except "Lean On Me": Bill Withers,
"Strangers": M. Turner and E. Price-Davies.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 1998