Roger Chapman and The Shortlist - A Turn Unstoned?

Released 1998.

Song Time Other
Riot On The Western Front 4.30  
Wicked World 4.06  
The Same Old Rock’N’Roll 4.35  
,X‘-Town 4.12  
Do I Leave A Stone Unturned? 5.38  
Ready For You 5.52  
Glory Ride 5.55  
Vapour Trails 5.02  
City Of Souls 4.51  
Toucan Play 4.02  
Drive 4.41  


All information courtesy of Wolfgang Schmidt.
Based on CD: SPV, SPV CD 085-18952, Germany, 1998.


      Roger Chapman Vocals
      Steve Simpson Acoustic/Electric/Slide Guitars, Fiddle, Back-up and So-low vocals
      Laurie Wisefield Rhythm & Solo Guitar
      Ian Gibbons Organ, Piano, Keyboards
      Gary Twigg Bass
      Pat Crumly Flute, Soprano/Alto Sax
      John Lingwood Drums
      Helen Hardy Back up Vocals
      ( + 14 Guest Musicans)


Recorded at Black Barn Studios, Ripley, Surrey.
Produced by Roger Chapman for Red Moon Records and C.B.H. Records GmbH.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 1998