Dire Straits - On the Night

Released 1993.

Song Time Other
Calling Elvis 10:25  
Walk of Life 5:06  
Heavy Fuel 5:23  
Romeo and Juliet 10:05  
Private Investigations 9:43  
Your Latest Trick 5:35  
On Every Street 7:01  
You and Your Friend 6:48  
Money For Nothing 6:28  
Brothers in Arms 8:55  



    MARK KNOPFLER, Lead guitar and lead vocal
    JOHN ILLSLEY Bass guitar and backing vocals
    ALAN CLARK Keyboards
    GUY FLECHER Keyboards and backing vocals
    CHRIS WHITE Saxophone and backing vocals
    PAUL FRANKLIN Pedal steel guitar
    PHIL PALMER Guitar and backing vocals
    DANNY CUMMINGS Percussion and backing vocals


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 1998