Muddy Manninen - Guitar & Vocals

Member from October 2004 to May 2017.

Real name Jyrki Manninen.
In Finland he's also called "Muta" Manninen. Finnish word "Muta" translates to "Mud" in English.

Year Sidelines
  Pre Wishbone Ash bands:
Red House Band (1979)
Havana Blacks (1984-85)
Pave's Mistakes (1986)
Gringos Locos 1987- 1991
  Worked with/composed for/(co-)produced for:
 - Hector (Finnish singer songwriter)
 - Riki Sorsa (Finnish Rod Stewart lookalike)
 - Topi Sorsakoski (Finnish singer)
 - Samuli Edelmann (Finnish actor/singer)
 - Jone's bros (Finnish band playing mainly covers)
 - Frank Robson's later productions (a Brit who sang in
    Tasavallan Presidentti, a Finnish prog
    rock band way back in late 60's)
 - Mestarit (Four Finnish artists: Hector, Pepe, Kirka
    and Pave made a countrywide tour.
    Muddy played guitar on that very successful tour.)
 - etc. etc. etc.
2009 Gringos Locos reappears!
2017 Has been working with Hipkiss band and on his solo material.
Decided to concentrate on his solo career and left Wishbone Ash.
Solo album Long Player released in July.
2018 Hipkiss - Shedfunk released.
2020 Solo album River Flows released.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 2020