Mervyn "Spam" Spence - Bass & Vocals

Member from April 1983 to January 1986.

Year Sidelines
  Pre Wishbone Ash:
    Before turning pro in Smugglers and Big Daisy
    Pro in Trapeze (Replaced Glenn Hughes who went to Deep Purple)
  After Wishbone Ash:
    Sang on a Mike Oldfield album
    Signed for Warners. Produced and wrote material for other artists.
1989 Formed his own company Parachute Records.
1992 Phenomena III Innervision UK & German releases. Castle Communications CSC 7060 including Bryan May, Scott Gorham, Cozy Powell etc.
  Earlier Phenomena projects without "Spam":
    1985 Phenomena I
    1987 Phenomena II
Phenomena project started by Tom and Mel Galley in 1985. Mervyn now owns the rights to the project. All Phenomena's available on Parachute Records.
1993 "Something Strong" / O'Ryan released on Sept 6th 1993 Parachute Music Ltd.
(O'Ryan is Mervyn's artist name on his solo albums)
1995 2nd O'Ryan album titled "Initiate". Also planning and writing songs for Phenomena IV
1997 O'Ryan 5CD called "Emer May" released (at least) in Japan.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 1998