Los Bastardos Finlandeses - Day of the Dead

Released 2013.

Song Time Notes
Smokiní Dynamite 3:42  
Rocket Science 3:39  
The Day Of Dead (Ballad Of The Undertaker) 4:37  
Goddess Of The Valley 3:30  
End Of The World 3:58  
You Canít 2:58  
Forever Desperados 2:52  
End Of The Empire / A Kick In The Ball 2:58  
Old Dog In The Rain 3:27  
Last Call For Rock n Roll 3:48  


El Taff Bastardo (Bryn Jones) - vocals and bass
El Bastardo Grande (Teijo "Twist Twist" Erkinharju) - drums
El Gringo (Ben Granfelt) - guitar & vocals
Don Osmo (Olli Kykkänen) - guitar & vocals

Produced by Olli Kykkänen, 100% Record Company
All music & arrangements by Los Bastardos Finlandeses
All lyrics by El Taff Bastardo, except "You Can't" lyrics by El Magico
Backing Vocals by Tipe Johnson & Sampsa Astala



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Apr, 2013