Laurie Wisefield - Guitar & Vocals

Member from July 1974 to December 1985.
Occasional "special guest" at certain gigs even after that.

Year Sidelines
  Pre Wishbone Ash:
Semi-pro groups: The Four Fables, Sugar.
Founding member of Home. Albums:
Pause or a Hoarse Horse, CBS 64356
Home, CBS 647521973
The Alchemist, CBS 65550
1985 Played with Tina Turner's and Joe Cockers' bands after leaving Wishbone Ash.
1989 Played on Jimmy Martin's album "The Rhythm of Life"
1992 Touring with Joe Cocker. Appeared in Jay Leno Show in Aug. 1991
Played guitar and co-wrote Roger Chapman's album "Under No Obligation"
1993 Recording with Jimmy Martin and playing in a group called Glory Glory.
Other members:
    Jimmy Martin, guitar
    John Edwards, bass   (Status Quo)
    Jeff Rich, drums   (Status Quo)
    Don Snow, keys   (Tina Turner's band)
Glory Glory released an album (Sep/Oct 93) called "Kids of the Rocking Nation".
1993? Played on Return of the Zombies album.
1995 Playing in Little Devils:
    John Warman, vocals
    Ian Gibbons, keys
    John Lingwood, drums
    Steve Barnacle, bass
1996 New release with Roger Chapman's band titled "Kiss My Soul".
1996 Touring with Joe Cocker in his "Night of the Proms".
After that Laurie went back to play and tour with Roger Chapman.
Touring with the SAS band, formed by Queen keyboards man Spike Edney.
Line-up: Roger Taylor, Spike Edney, Steve Hogarth, Laurie Wisefield and Roy Wood.
1998 Played guitar and co-wrote Roger Chapman's album "A Turn Unstoned?"
Toured with Roger Chapman's band, The Shortlist.
Laurie's also working with the Night of the Proms and the Little Devils.
2000 Attended the Wishbone Ash 30th anniversary party.
2003- Playing guitar in the Queen Musical
2008 Active as always. In between Queen Musical performances playing in Tina Turner's tour band.
2011- In a band consisting of several former Whitesnake band members. Band name: Monsters of British Rock
2012 Band now retitled Snakecharmer.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Mar, 2012