Keanan - Watersport - Info

A maxi single (vinyl) with Martin Turner remixing the track on side 1.
Published in 1985. Although the catalogue number is "AOR 4" the music is
"POR" (= Puberty Oriented computerized drum & bass "Rock").

I'm not 100 % sure this is a work of "Martin Turner of Wishbone Ash", but although there exist quite a few of his namesakes, never heard of any others that do studio/production work.

Awesome Records Ltd, 1985
Front cover Back cover detail
[Keanan - Watersport - front cover] [Keanan - Watersport - back cover detail]


Some trivia:
Got hold of this from a record fair held in my hometown. In one of the stalls I met a guy whom I've met on record fairs before too. He knew of my interests so he'd put aside this maxi single for me. Had to pay 50 cents (Euro cents) for it. I owe him one...


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Apr, 2005