Ben Granfelt Band - Kaleidoscope

Released 2009.

Song Time     Music / Words
Julie 03:26     Matschke / Granfelt, Matschke
Because We Can... 05:21     Granfelt (instrumental)
Dead in the Water 04:23     David Gray
Soul Searching 01:53     Granfelt (instrumental)
This Soul of Mine 07:10     Granfelt / Granfelt, Jones
You Ain't Got Nothing on Me 05:07     Granfelt / Granfelt
Bright Lights and Dreams 05:49     Granfelt / Jones
Make Up My Mind with My Heart 05:18     Granfelt / Granfelt, Jones
Lia 01:46     Granfelt (instrumental)
What Comes Around Goes Around 05:41     Granfelt / Granfelt, Jones
Suburban Blues Jam 05:54     Granfelt (instrumental)


All songs arranged by Granfelt, Miettinen, Vihervä and Mårtenson

Ben Granfelt: Guitars & Lead and Backing Vocals
Miri Miettinen: Drums, Percussions & Backing Vocals
John Vihervä: Bass & Backing Vocals
Kasper Mårtenson: Keyboards & Sudoku

Redorded at SoundFactory Studio by Kimmo Lehtiö and Manne Axberg
Mixed by Manne Axberg at Werne Studios
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers
Produced by "Whoever Takes the Blame"
Distributed by EDEL Records


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Feb, 2009