John Wetton - Bass & Vocals

Wishbone Ash was more of a sideline to John Wetton than the other way around

He was a member only during the making of the Number the Brave album (Oct/80-Jan/81)

Year Highlights
  One of John's amateur bands:
    The Corvets
  Other early groups:
    Pa James Group in Bournemouth
    Splinter in London
1969 Brotherhood, later renamed to: Mogul Trash.
At the same time played in Edward Hand's "Stranded" album.
1970 As a session musician in California (backing Cilla Black etc.)
1971 Replaced John Weider in Family. Recorded "Fearless" and "Bandstand".
1973 Joined King Crimson. Recorded "Larks Tongues in Aspic", "Starless and Bible Black" (1974), "Red" (1974) and "USA" (1975).
  At the same time played on the following albums:
1973 "Two sides of Peter Banks" by Peter Banks
      and "Somebody's Watching" by Rare Bird
1974 "Streetwalkers" by Streetwalkers.
      "It Is and I Isn't" by Gordon Haskell
      "Another Time Another Place" by Bryan Ferry
1975 "Diamond Head" by Phil Manzanera.
1975 Toured with Roxy Music and recorded the album "Viva".
  Joined Uriah Heep and recorded "Return to Fantasy" and "High and Mighty" (1976) before leaving.
1976 Played on the album "Let's Stick Together" by Bryan Ferry.
1977 Played on the following albums:
"In Your Mind" by Bryan Ferry (also touring)
"IC Scope" by Phil Manzanera
Planned a "supergroup" with Rick Wakeman and Bill Bruford but it was never realised.
1978 Played on the following albums:
"Score" Duncan MacKay.
  Formed UK with Bill Bruford, Allan Holdsworth and Eddie Jobson. They recorded "UK", and in 1979 after personnel change: "Danger Money" and the live album "Night After Night".
1979 Played on "I Wish You Would" by Jack Knife.
1980 Played on "Mail Order Magic" by Roger Chapman
Solo album "Caught in the Crossfire".
A single from the solo album was released, at least in France:
I'll Be There c/w Instrumental Woman, Polydor 2001 976. (+)
1981 Played on "Jungle Law" by Phil Rambow
and on Wishbone Ash's "Number the Brave"
1982 Formed Asia with Carl Palmer, Stewe Howe and Geoff Downes. First album self entitled.
1983 Second Asia album: "Alpha".
1985 Third album: "Astra".
(Between albums two and three John was temporarily replaced by Greg Lake).
1986 Released the album Wetton/Manzanera.
  Sang on one of the tracks on Phenomena II (see Mervyn Spence sideline story).
1987 A John Wetton compilation album was released. Title "Kings Road 1972-80".
1989 Back in Asia recording four new songs for a compilation album titled "Then and Now" and touring.
1990 Quit Asia after recording "Live in Moscow".
1994 Solo album "Voice Mail" released in Japan
1995 "Voice Mail" renamed to "Battle Lines " when released in UK
1995 A live solo album called "Chasing the Dragon".
1996 Toured in England. Busy with solo material. Released another live album called "Akustika"
1998 Released a solo album called "Arkangel"

(+) Printing information of 1980 single courtesy of Ben Reinhardt.



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Mar, 2014