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Released 1973.

Song Time Other
Part One: School Days    
Part Two: The Old Man Dying    
Part Three: Time Passes By    
Part Four: The Old Man Calling    
Part Five: The Disaster    
Part Six: The Sun's Revenge    
Part Seven: A Secret to Keep    
Part Eight: The Brass Band Played    
Part Nine: Rejoicing    
Part Ten: The Disaster Returns (Devastation)    
Part Eleven: The Death of the Alchemist    
Part Twelve: The Alchemist    


All information courtesy of Wolfgang Schmidt.


      Mick Stubbs Lead vocals, guitars, piano
      Laurie Wisefield Lead, acooustic and steel guitars, vocals
      Cliff Williams Bass guitar, vocals
      Mick Cook Drums, various percussion
      Jimmy Anderson piano, organ, melotrone, synthesizer vocals and all keyboard arrangements
      David Skillin Lyrics


Story by Micky Stubbs and David Skillin.

Recorded at Rockfield Studios.
Produced by John Anthony for CIRCLE.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Mar, 2002