Gringos Locos - Second Coming of Age

Released May 2009.
Available for download at:
Also available as a CD at reputable record shops for us "oldies".

Song Time   Music / Lyrics
Bear With Me 4:00   Richard G. Johnson / Richard G. Johnson
I'm a Mover 4:41   Muddy Manninen / Muddy Manninen
Plane to Eden 4:22   Richard G. Johnson / Richard G. Johnson
House on the Hill 4:22   Muddy Manninen / Muddy Manninen
Fawlty Man 5:40   Richard G. Johnson / Richard G. Johnson
Don't Cry for Me 3:56   Richard G. Johnson / Richard G. Johnson, Bryn Jones
My Mistake 5:06   Muddy Manninen / Muddy Manninen
Dreamer 3:22   Richard G. Johnson / Richard G. Johnson
Free Ride 3:12   Dan Hartman / Dan Hartman
Ain't Fine By Me 3:44   Richard G. Johnson / Richard G. Johnson
These Things 5:39   Muddy Manninen / Ian Harris


Richard G. Johnson - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards and Programming
Masa Maijanen - Bass
Muddy Manninen - Guitars
Miri Miettinen - Drums & Percussion
Additional Musicians:
Leevi Leppänen - Percussion on "House On The Hill".
Tomi Malm - Keys and orchestration on "These Things" and "My Mistake".
Ben Granfelt - Lead guitar on "House On The Hill" and "Fawlty Man".
Okke Komulainen - Keys on "Ain't Fine By Me" and "I'm A Mover".
Jaakko Kiikeri - Baritone guitar on "Bear With Me", Lots of guitar on "Plane To Eden".
Harri Ala-Kojola - Drums on "Free Ride".
Mikko Rintanen - Keys, rhythm guitar and b.v. on "Free Ride"
Produced by Gringos Locos.
Recorded by R. Johnson with help from the band.
Drums recorded at SoundFactory Studios.
Everything else at the White House.
Mixed by Manne Axberg at Werne.
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers


See also Ben Granfelt's sideline story.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Aug, 2009