Claire Hamill - Vocals

Officially a member only during 1981
Working with Wishbone Ash from late 70's onwards until 1981
A welcomed visitor at AshCons too.

Year Sidelines (Solo Albums)
1971 "One House Left Standing" (Island Records)
1973 "October" produced by Paul Samwell-Smith of Yardbirds
1974 "Stage Door Johnnies" produced by Ray Davies for his Konk Records
1975 "Abracadabra" produced by Claire Hamill
Worked for Wishbone Ash
1984 "Touchpaper" featuring Laurie Wisefield
1986 "Voices" (a vocal interpretation of the four seasons of the year)
1988 "Love in the Afternoon"
1994 "Voices" re-released on CD
1998 Released "Summer"
2000 Attended the Wishbone Ash 30th anniversary party.
Claire's own web site:
2004 Released "The Lost and the Lovers". It includes a re-recording of Claire's song "You Take My Breath Away", a song that Eva Cassidy had recorded and was posthumously released on her album "American Tune".
Guest appearances:
1979 "The Steve Howe Album"
1981 "The Friends of Mr. Cairo" by Jon & Vangelis


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Aug, 2004