Ben Granfelt - Guitar & Vocals

Member from April 2001 to October 2004.

Year Sidelines
  Pre Wishbone Ash bands:
Gringos Locos
Leningrad Cowboys
Guitar Slingers
Ben Granfelt Band
  While in Wishbone Ash:
Also playing in a "hobby band" called April Fools.
2004 Left Wishbone Ash and concentrated on his own band: Ben Granfelt Band.
2005 Released a live CD.
2006 Released an all new studio album: The Sum of Memories.
2007 New album: Notes from the Road. Part studio, part live.
2009 10th Ben Granfelt (Band) album: Kaleidoscope.
2010 Joined Los Bastardos Finlandeses.
2011 Los Bastardos Finlandeses released an album called "Saved by Rock'n'Roll".
2012 Ben's new instrumental album titled Melodic Relief released.
Los Bastardos Finlandeses are working on a new album.
2013 Los Bastardos Finlandeses released an album called "Day of the Dead".
2014 Ben Granfelt Band is resurrected and a new CD is released on the 7th of March. The CD is called Handmade.
Later the same year Handmade was released in Germany by Rokarola Records.
Also: A gig from the 20th Anniversary Tour in Germany was recorded for future release.
2015 Los Bastardos Finlandeses released an album called "BMF Ball".
Ben Granfelt Band's "Live - 20th Anniversary Tour" DVD+2CD released in June 2015.
2016 A 3 CD retrospecitve released in June. The triple CD is called Time Flies When You're Playing the Guitar.
  An all new Ben Granfelt Band CD was also published in the Autumn of 2016: Another Day.
2018 A new Ben Granfelt Band CD: My Soul to You.
2019 A new Ben Granfelt Band Live CD: My Soul LIVE to You.
2020 New Ben Granfelt CD: True Colours.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 2020