Andy Pyle - Bass

Member from February 1986 to December 1987.

Back in the line-up between October 1991 to February 1994.

Year Sidelines
1969 Ahead Rings Out/Bloodwyn Pig
1970 Getting to This/Bloodwyn Pig
1972 Every Picture Tells a Story/Rod Stewart
1972 Pieces/Chicken Shack
1973 Lions Share/Savoy Brown
1973 Jack the Toad/Savoy Brown
1975 Pump Iron/Alvin Lee
1977 Down to Earth/Sutherland Brothers
1977 Sleepwalker/Kinks
1978 Misfits/Kinks
1983 Live at Marquee/Gary Moore (recorded 1980)
  1st visit in Wishbone Ash
1990 Still Got the Blues/Gary Moore
Also on Gary Moore video "Evening of the Blues".
  2nd visit in Wishbone Ash
1992 Live in Chicago/Wishbone Ash
Worked with Gary Moore simultaneously with Wishbone Ash.
  After 2nd Wishbone Ash period writing his own material.
1995 Working with Gary Moore (touring and recording an album called "Blues for Greeny" with songs by Peter Green).
2002 Playing on Ken Hensley's album "Running Blind" (Not on all tracks).
Touring with Ken Hensley on his "Running Blind" tour (which started from my hometown Kokkola :-).


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Aug, 2004