Ben Granfelt Band - My Soul LIVE to You

Released in 2019.

Song Time Source
Hangman's Tree 2:32 Eschweiler RIO DE
Wayward Child 6:35 Hamburg Down Town Blues Club DE
Confession Time 5:59 Göttingen Apex DE
A Better Place 6:25 Göttingen Apex DE
Heart on Your Sleeve 4:39 Nove Mesto Vahom Blue Note SK
Open Road 8:21 Nove Mesto Vahom Blue Note SK
Check Up From the Neck Up 5:33 Nove Mesto Vahom Blue Note SK
Endless 1:34 Krefeld Jazz Keller DE
My Soul to You 4:29 Krefeld Jazz Keller DE
Almighty Blues 8:57 Eschweiler RIO DE
Going Home 7:35 Eschweiler RIO DE
Sunrise 6:10 Eschweiler RIO DE


Recorded in September 2018 during the My Soul to You 2018 tour in Europe.

All music by Ben Granfelt.

Ben Granfelt: Guitars and Vocals.
Masa Maijanen: Bass and Backing Vocals.
Santeri Salminen: Drums and Backing Vocals.
Jukka "Beavis" Oja: Tour manager, live sound and taking care of business.

Recoded by Jukka "Beavis" Oja
Mixed and mastered by Tuomas Aukio.



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Apr, 2019