Ben Granfelt Band - My Soul to You

CD released in 2018.

Song Time Lyrics
Weight of The World 4:37 Ben Granfelt
Life, Living and You 3:51 Ben Granfelt
This is Love 3:53 PJ Harvey
My Soul to You 3:43 Ben Granfelt
A Better Place 5:06 Bryn Jones & Ben Ganfelt
Fuel to Burn 5:06 Jasmine Wynants-Granfelt & Ben Granfelt
My Heroine 3:16 Bryn Jones & Ben Granfelt
Tough Love 4:24 Jones
Mind Your Head and Watch Your Step 3:36 Ben Granfelt or Bryn Jones
Sunrise 4:08 -


All music by Ben Granfelt except This is Love by PJ Harvey.
Lyrics as listed above. Mind Your Head and Watch Your Step lyrics according to the CD by Ben Granfelt, but on a youtube video, when Ben presents the song, he says that the lyrics are by Bryn Jones.

Ben Granfelt - guitars and lead vocals
Okko Laru - drums, percussion and backing vocals
Masa Maijanen - bass

Guest artists:
Jasmine Wynants-Granfelt - lead vocals on This is Love and background vocals on Fuel to Burn
Bryn Jones - lead vocals on My Heroine

Produced by Okko Laru


Links to Where Ben Granfelt Presents the Tracks on Youtube

      1. Weight of the World

      2. Life, Living and You

      3. This is Love

      4. My Soul to You

      5. A Better Place

      6. Fuel to Burn

      7. My Heroine

      8. Tough Love

      9. Mind Your Head and Watch Your Step

    10. Sunrise

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Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2018