Martin Turner - Written in the Stars

Released in 2015.

Song Time() Other
The Big Bang (Overture) 1:06  
The Beauty of Chaos 3:35  
Written in the Stars 4:33  
Lovers 4:38  
Vapour Trail 5:53  
The Lonely Star 4:06  
For My Lady 4:23  
Pretty Little Girls 5:00  
Falling Sands 5:18  
Mystify Me 5:20  
Interstellar Rockstar 7:46  


Martin Turner Bass and Lead Vocals
Danny Willson Guitars and Vocals
Misha Nikolic Guitars and Vocals
Tim Brown Drums and Vocals

+ Ray Hatfield Guitars and Harmony Vocals


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2015