Renaissance - De_Lane Lea Studios 1973

Previously available as a bootleg. Officially released 2015 by Cleopatra.

Song Time Other
Can You Understand 9:51  
Let It Grow 4:11  
Sounds of the Sea 6:53  
Carpet of the Sun 3:34  
At the Harbour 3:14  
Ashes Are Burning 11:24 Featuring Al Stewart & Andy Powell
Prologue 8:09  



Annie Haslam: Vocals
Michael Dunford: Guitar
John Tout: Keyboards
Terence Sullivan: Drums
      Andy Powell: Lead guitar on Ashes are Burning
      Al Stewart. Vocals on Ashes are Burning


All info courtesy of John Foster.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Mar, 2015