Ben Granfelt Band - Live - 20th Anniversary Tour

Released 2015. Recorded during BGB's 20th anniversary tour in 2014, Germany.
In a seemingly standard jewel box with slipcase, but containing a DVD and two CDs.

DVD in PAL format with no regional limitations. Running time on DVD. 115 min.

Song DVD CD 1 CD 2
The Dream    
GTR Tech    
Baker Street  
Bright Lights and Dreams  
Dead in the Water  
Can't Wait Another Day  
Instrumental Madness  
Because We Can  
Melodic Relief  
Get Up and Go  
Check Up from the Neck Up (*)    
Turning Point  
Faith, Hope & Love  
Almighty Blues  
Going Home  
    Bonus: Going Home (Official video)    
    Bonus: Breathe (Official video)    
    Bonus feature: Guitars amps and pedals    

All songs by Ben Granfelt, except:
Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty
Dead in the Water by David Gray
Cocaine by JJ Cale
Breathe by Waters, Gilmour & Wright

Ben Granfelt - guitar and lead vox
Marko Karhu - guitar and backing vox
Joni "Groovemaster" Vihervä - bass and backing vox
Risto "Klingeling" Rikala - drums (subbing for Kai Jokiaho on 2014 tour)
Kai Jokinen - drums (on official bonus videos)


(*) Martin Blow noticed that I'd missed Check Up from the Neck Up from the track list. Thanks! Now it's there as it should be.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jun, 2015