Ben Granfelt - E.G.O.

Released in 1999 in Finland, Megamania 1000 121082.
In 2000 in UK, Powerbright PBVP010CD (+)

Song Time     Music & Words
What We Are 4:00     Granfelt
Hush 4:07     J South
Home 4:18     Granfelt
E.G.O. 3:15     Granfelt
The Wind Cries Mary 4:42     J. Hendrix
Crashing Down 4:25     Granfelt
Song For Tim 5:05     Granfelt, Kiiski & Granfelt
The Dream part II instr. 4:35     Granfelt
The Secret 3:26     Granfelt
Maggies Waltz instr. 5:46     Granfelt
    Bonus tracks on Powerbright release: (+)
        The New Song
        White Room
        Checkered Flag
J. Bruce & P.Brown


Ben Granfelt: guitar & vocals
Ako Kiiski: bass, keyboards & vocals
Miri Miettinen: drums, & percussions
Nanna Granfelt: backing vocals on Song for Tim

Produced by "Who ever takes the blame"


(+) UK printing info and bonus track info courtesy of Martin Blow.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: May, 2014