Coat of Arms - Track by Track

Mark Abrahams and Andy Powell talked through the whole album, track by track. It was published as an audio file in late 2020.
Yours truly transcribed the whole story and was allowed to publish it here. Thanks Andy and Mark!


Andy: "Hello this is Andy Powell and..."

Mark: "... This is Mark Abrahams..."

Andy: "... of Wishbone Ash. We're going to give you a track-by-track breakdown of the new album Coat of Arms."

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When the Love is Shared

Andy: "Getting to the end of the album. When the Love is Shared is a bit of a funk rock romp, I would say. This again was part of the sessions that Aynsley and I were putting together before we did this album, which were possibly going to form the basis of a solo album for me. So, When the Love is Shared is lyrically about your... Some relationships they are very one sided, but a truly great relationship has meaning when the love is shared around between the two you. Sometimes people get into relationships because they think that they are in love but they're not. You certainly know when the love is shared. That's kind of the lyrical basis for the song. A pretty tricky little guitar riff. It's in an unusual key..."

Mark: "F! It's in F."

Andy: "Guitar bands do not like to play in F. We like keys like A, E and D."

Mark: Laughs.

Andy: "But just to make it a bit of a bitch to play, it's in the key of F. We used some of the demo parts Aynsley and I constructed a couple of years earlier and brought those into the recording. You added some parts on the outro."

Mark: "On the outro, yes."

Andy: "Chord riffs and so on and so forth. But again, it's a number that could actually be played live, I think. If we opened that out with the band, it could make a live song. I enjoyed singing this one. I can't remember if Tom Greenwood put percussion on it."

Mark: "Definitely percussion."

Andy: "We added some percussion on it. We used Peter Gabriel's percussionist."

Mark: "Ged [Lynch]."

Andy: "He played on a lot of these tracks and that actually helps the groove quite a bit. Yes, it's a good rocker. Nothing much to say about it. It's a straight forward rocker that could open a up and develop a lot more on stage, if we did play it live. It's the case with a lot of these songs, actually. They could take a life of their own, I think. At first, I know, we're only playing one song from the new album, which is We Stand as One, because it's a bit much for an audience to suddenly be hit with three or four new songs. I think it's much better to hit them with a new song once they're actually listened to the new album and they're familiar with it." 

Mark: "Yeah."

Andy: "They're gonna get more nourishment out of it as we say. If you put it that way."




Transcribed/written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Apr, 2021