Coat of Arms - Credits


Mastered by Oli Morgan at Abbey Road Studios, London, England.

Mark Jones recorded and edited the basic tracks (except for Floreana and When the Love is Shared) plus initial guitar overdubs at Cross Stix Studios in Lancashire, England in August 2019.

Floreana and When the Love is Shared: Bass & drum recorded by Michael LaValle at the Honey Jar, Brooklyn, New York. Michael LaValle engineered and Aynsley Powell did additional engineering.

Mixed in New York city by Tom Greenwood.

Tom Greenwood recorded and engineered Andy Powell's vocals and the balance his guitar solos in the USA, during September 2019, at Andy's Connecticut home.

All songs published by ©/Edition Leine Publishing/Peermusic Germany.

Coat of arms design by Olaf at Regal Coat of Arms.
Album and CD design by Mick Toole.
All booklet photography by Roland Kämpfer.
Pool photo by Mannie Grove.




Special thanks to Vittorio Usai at Plateau 42
for providing the demo suite for our May 2019
writing sessions in St. Etienne, France.

Extra special thanks to our live sound engineer,
Daniel Vetter, for engineering the recordings
during the demo sessions, plus interpreting
and playing my bass ideas on thise sessions.
In gratitude we are including his composition,
Latitude, as a bonus track on the vinyl release of
this recording.

Andy Powell would likw to thank Pauline Powell
for the songwriting partnership. Also, a huge shout
out to Aynsley Powell who also kept the focus with
a lot of this song material, some of which arose out
of earlier collaborative demo sessions from 2017.
Big thanks to Mark and Anne Crabtree,
Cliff Cooper and the team at Orange Amplification,
Kemper Profiling Amplification,
Kevin & Lyn Chilcott at Royale Guitars,
John Case at Case Guitars, Clint Branstetter at
Sweetwater Music, Hugh Gilmartin at D'Addario
Strings, Andreas Kloppmann at Kloppmann
Electrics, Chris Antezzo and Pavel at Hot Rod
Strings, Momose Guitars, Chris Husband,
Lorna Turner Skeat for cooking for us during the
recording sessions.
And as always... massive thanks to the 'boys in
the band' Bob, Mark and Joe for all their
continued hard work and dedication to all things
Wishbone Ash.

Mark Abrahams would like to thank: Kirsty
Bennett Pauline & Brian Abrahams, Sheila & Gary
Dobby, Rob & Carol Stobbs, Sim Clayforth, Mick
& Andrea Dixson, Dennis Elvidge, Ricky Salter,
Bob Murdoch, at Tokai Guitars, D'Addario Strings,
Nemphisis Pedals, Orange Amplification, Kemper
Profiling Amps, Michael Britt, Chris Husband,
Mike Truscott at Yamaha Guyitars, Jay Henson at
First Line Music, Peter Smith at Madison & Fifth.

Joe Crabtree would like to thank: MAk and Ann
Crabtree, Leah Sands (Crabtree), Somor, Zildjian,
Vic Firth.

Bob Skeat would like to thank: Lorna Turner
Skeat, Deb Skeat, Charotte Kaminski, Pete Jupp,
Ashdown Amplification, Ibanez, Ernie Ball,
Music Man & Rickenbacker basses.

A special shout out to the album's executive
production facilitators-in-chief: David Salter
Steven Koontz and Steve Huhman without whose
enthusiastic help, this project would not have got
off the ground.

Huge thanks go to our loyal road crew:
Daniel Vetter, Sean Dalton, Holger Brandes.

Business representation - Ralf Blasberg
- Danke sehr!

PR - Kate Goldsmith for Wishbone Ash
and Billy James at Glass Onyon.

Booking agents -
U.S.A. - Steve Ozark at Oz Talent
GErmanyh, Switzerland, Austria & Poland -
Michael Bisping and Patrik MErtens and all the
team from A.S.S. Concerts and Promotion GmbH.
UK - Andy & Sarah Nye at Andy Nye Music.
France - Dominique Bérard at Musicvox.
Canada - Todd Littlefield at Diesel Management.



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Mar. 2020