Clan Destiny - Tracks

Released on the 24th of April 2006. Preliminary copies available at gigs a month before.

Song Time   Lyrics Music
Eyes Wide Open 5:14   Andy Powell Aynsley Powell, Andy Powell, Muddy Manninen
Dreams Outta Dust 4:26   Andy Powell Andy Powell
Healing Ground 4:24   G. Nicholson, M. Rhodes, R. B. Wymans, K. Greenberg, C. T. Cromwell
Steam Town 4:02   Andy Powell Muddy Manninen, Bob Skeat, Ray Weston, Andy Powell
Loose Change 4:47   Ian Harris, Andy Powell Bob Skeat, Ray Weston, Muddy Manninen, Andy Powell
Surfing a Slow Wave 3:48   - Richie Kicklighter
Slime Time 4:53   Andy Powell Muddy Manninen. Andy Powell
Capture the Moment 3:30   Andy Powell Andy Powell, Muddy Manninen, Ray Weston, Bob Skeat
Your Dog 3:32   Andy Powell Andy Powell
The Raven 4:45   Muddy Manninen Muddy Manninen
Motherless Child 4:06   Trad.

Andy Powell:
Lead Vocals, Guitars
(Electric & Acoustic), Mandolin

Muddy Manninen:
Vocals, Guitars
(Electric, Acoustic, Slide & Lap Steel)

Bob Skeat:
Bass, Piano, Clavinet and Vocals

Ray Weston:
Drums, Percussion


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: May, 2006