Clan Destiny - Credits


Produced by Andy Powell

Engineered by Will Sandalls
Recorded and mixed at Blue Jay Studios
Carlisle, Massachusetts, USA. With additional recording
by Al Carlson and Charlotte Moore
Mastered by M at M

Photos by David Moffitt, Future Earth Photography
and Alan Fretten Artwork: James Boast
Layout: Andy Gibbons

Publicity: Kate Goldsmith
Website: Leon Tsilis and Rich Powell
Management co-ordination: Guy Roberts
Road crew: Daniel Vetter (house sound), Holger Brandes,
Mike Boda and Aynsley Powell
Merchandise: Internet sales - Guy and Sue Roberts
Road sales - Susanne Panhans in conjunction
with Backstreet International
Physio Therapy - Susanne Panhans


Special Thanks: Barry Riddington and Malcolm Holmes at Talking Elephant Records, Andy McKintyre at Eagle Rock. David and Veronique Kassner, Monica Weinmann at Kassner Music Publishing, Marcus Siskind, Giles Christianson, Ben Granfelt, Sean, Jaqui and Chris Boast, Ram and Arlene Benz, Dave Moore, Andy & Liz Yates, Detlef Assenmacher, Fred & Andrea Renz, Dr. Bodo Kirf, Jen Bond, Scott Pickard, Christian Gyonnet, E.A.I. Accounting, Ritz Rehearsals and Storage.

Andy Powell wishes to personally thank all the Powell clan for theor faith, hope, love, patience and support, "the boys in the band, for going beyond the call", Guy and Sue roberts for "stepping up to the plate, like no one else", Kevin and Lyn chilcott at Royale Custom Guitars, John, Steve and Ed at Suhr guitars, jamie Crompton and Chris Philactou at Fender guitars, Steve Lobmeier at D'Addario Strings and Jeff Lewis, Dave and Ralph at Matamp Amplification, Analog Mike at AnalogMan

Muddy Manninen wishes to personally thank Ritva, Rosita and Lilla for their love and support, Ben Granfelt, Peter Sanden, Mirko Ekberg and Jack Bjoerklund at Gibson/INTO-Luthman, Jaakko Kujala at DLX and Dave at Matamp UK

Bob Skeat wishes to personally thank Lesley Sparrow, Deb Skeat, Sylvia & Bill Grant, Ben Cox, Toby Cox and their families, John Hickson, Pete Jupp, all my other friends and, of course, the rest of the band and all concerned. Bob endorses Musicman and Warwick Basses and Gallien - Krueger amplification

Ray Weston wishes to personally thank Bob, Andy and Muddy for "random acts of kindness", Marie and Jim McCewan, Andy and Carole McCewan, Paul and Chris Weston, Pat and Kim Hennessy, Peter and Jenny Noone, Robbie Steinhouse, Arthur Weston, friends family and "everyone who shares the love". Thanks to Kirsten Matt and Ryan at Zildjian Cymbals West Coast, Chad Brandolini at Water Sticks and Darren at West Coast Drums


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: May, 2006