Clan Destiny - Cover Art

Artwork: James Boast
Layout: Andy Gibbons

[Clan Destiny cover art]
Details from Russian printing, Cat# 2568
[Clan Destiny cover art detail] [Clan Destiny cover art detail]
Pictures of Russian printing courtesy of Ben Reinhardt.


Promo CD EAGCD322
[Clan Destiny promo CD]
Thanks go to Pertti Hakala.


Clan Destiny - "Cover Art" on Certain Download Sites

Many download sites do use the original cover art, but some of them have scaled it down so much that the original cover art becomes a red square with a few yellow blotches. Maybe that's the reason why certain download sites, at around year 2010, have used the following picture instead.

[Clan Destiny alternative cover art]
No credits available for this alternative picture.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jan, 2011