Bona Fide - Printings

A major part of the printing data is derived from the The Illustrated Collector's Guide to WISHBONE ASH. The book was written by Andy Powell. Published in 1995 by Collector's Guide Publishing, ISBN 1-896522-11-4. The discography section and catalogue numbers are by Dr. John (see About... Acknowledgements).

CDs Cat# Year Comments
Talking Elephant TECD 040 2002 Printed on the CD: Made in E.U.
Talking Elephant TECD 088 2006 Special Limited Edition
Talking Elephant TECD256 2014 2CD DeLuxe Edition
Bellaphon bacillus records 9725225 2002 Printed on the CD: Manufactured in EU (#)
LPs Cat# Year Comments
Talking Elephant TELP 040 2016 () Released in April 2016
Grayscale Label based on a detail from the back cover.
Funny detail: The credits on the lyrics sheet mentions an inteview which is only available on the 2CD DeLuxe Edition.


(#) All info concerning the Bellaphon printing courtesy of Wolfgang Schmidt.
() Information concerning the LP release by Talking Elephant courtesy of Bob Beresford and Martin Blow.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2016