Bare Bones - Tracks

Released in 1999.

Song Time Other
Wings of Desire 3:40 !
Errors of My Way 5:15 *
Master of Disguise 3:50 +
You Won't Take Me Down 5:27
Love Abuse 4:01 #
One More Chance 3:14 @
Baby Don't Mind 3:48 +
Living Proof 4:13
Hard Times 4:43 +
Strange Affair 5:51 &
Everybody Needs a Friend 5:57 *
Additional Tracks on 2014 Deluxe Version's 2nd CD Time Sources. All info by Martin Blow.
Errors of My Way (live) 6:01 Ashcon 2008.
Andy Powell, Muddy Manninen, Bob Skeat, Joe Crabtree
Master of Disguise (live) 6:14 Ashfest 2005.
Andy Powell, Muddy Manninen, Bob Skeat, Joe Crabtree
Baby Don't Mind (live) 4:40 Ashfest 2005.
Living Proof (live) 4:07 Ashfest 2005.
Hard Times (live) 7:08 (unknown)
Strange Affair (live) 5:36 AshCon 2008
Interview With Andy Powell 18:10  
by Andy Powell / Rod Lynton
* by Turner/Upton/Turner/Powell
+ by Andy Powell
by Mike Bennett
# by Andy Powell / Ray Weston
@ by A. Martin / R. Scott
by Laurie Wisefield / Claire Hamill
& by Andy Powell / Andy Pyle

Andy Powell: Guitars & vocals
  Lead Vocals on all but two songs.
Mark Birch: Guitars & vocals
  Lead Vocals on "You Won't Take Me Down"
  and "Everybody Needs a Friend".
  Lead Vocals together with Andy on
  "Errors of My Way".
Bob Skeat: Bass & vocals
Ray Weston: Drums

Guest Artists

Lewis Gibson: Violin on "Errors of My Way"
Mick Parker: Accordian on "Errors of My Way" and "Baby Don't Mind"
Morwena Lasko: Violin on "Master of Disguise"
Paul Moran: Hammond Organ on "Master of Disguise" and "Everybody Needs a Friend"
  Piano on "Hard Times" and "Everybody Needs a Friend"
Glen LeFleur: Percussion on "You Won't Take Me Down" and "Love Abuse"
Claire Hamill: Backing Vocals on "Love Abuse"
Giles Hedley: Harmonica on "Love Abuse" and "Strange Affair"
Aynsley Powell: Percussion on "Living Proof"
Chris Davis: Dobro on "Strange Affair"


Source Info of 2014 Deluxe Version's Additional Tracks

Song Time Other
Errors of My Way (live) 6:01  
Master of Disguise (live) 6:14  
Baby Don't Mind (live) 4:40  
Living Proof (live) 4:07  
Hard Times (live) 7:08  
Strange Affair (live) 5:36  


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 2020