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This is a 25th anniversary CD with some liner notes by Andy Powell.

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Live in Geneva - Personal View

In the summer of 1995 I came across "The Wishbone Ash web site". There I found out that 3/4 of Wishbone Ashís troop had changed. I was afraid that "this is the end". Ted Turner seemed to have left again and all the rest too, except for Andy "the Trustworthy".

Well, if I could rely on Andy keeping up Wishbone Ash then I could trust that he picked good guys to keep up the tradition too. The articles in the USASH magazine helped keeping up the spirit (thanks to Dr. John!).

As I listen to this CD Iím really happy. No problems! These new guys do fill up the shoes they are stepping into. And theyíre not just copycats, they give the songs their own interpretation. So no worries, Iíll still be a Wishbone Ash fan!

The only problem is: Iíd like to hear some original songs by these guys too. Theyíve made a lot of material according to Andy/USASH. So letís hear them on CD! I WANT MORE!

The King Will Come

Out of the newcomers Roger Filgate - on lead guitar - is first to prove heís worthy the job heís taken. Lead vocals by Andy, but the others (Roger and Tony Kishman the new bass player) join in from time to time making some remarkably good chorus parts. A good start!

Strange Affair

Another live version of this song. Itís hard to say which one is better. Guess itís always the one youíre listening to. Seems like Andyís letting really loose in the solos of this version. It gives one the feeling of good spirits in the group. As the album goes on, the premonition proves more than right.

Throw Down the Sword

The usual majestic start, but when the vocal part begins itís Tony Kishman thatís singing lead vocals. His first "front seat performance" is very successful too. The first time I listened to this CD, my smile widened a little more at this moment. Another proof of Andyís good choices.

In the Skin

They did dare to play this one after Tedís "tasty" final jam on "Live In Chicago". Well, Rogerís final jam is shorter but very good. Andy seems to put some new ideas in the final soup too. Nice!

Hard Times

A very funny guitar battle in the end between Andy and Roger. The battle results with two winners! The finale is as good as ever!

Blowiní Free

The unavoidable song. The vocals work very fine (Tony and Andy?). Again, Andyís guitar solos do have some new "spices". Among them thereís a loan from "Where Were You Tomorrow". The build up near the end is always a joy to listen to. It is one of the brands of Wishbone Ash: the whole team working together playing the same theme on respective instruments. I do like good teamwork!

Keeper of the Light

Tony handles the lead vocals very well. Again, I do miss the double lead part on this live version. Roger has the main lead parts and he does them professionally.

Medley - Blind Eye, Lady Whiskey, Jail Bait, Phoenix, The Pilgrim

Bits and pieces of oldies but goodies. I only wish they played more. Both of the ones included in the medley and the ones not included. Tony on lead vocals. He takes care of the high notes on "Phoenix" with ease.


An old song from the heavier side. Maybe one of Tonyís old favourites because he sings it with such intensity? Iíve always marvelled the precision in the guitar work in this song. For the first time in the "New England" version by Laurie and Andy. Now by Roger and Andy.

Sometime World

Now Tony really gives proof of what he is capable of doing. He repeats the wild bass lines that Martin Turner played in the latter part of this song. At the same time Tony scat sings just as perfectly as his "well renowned" predecessor. GOOD JOB!

Vas Dis

About time I mentioned something about the new drummer Mike Sturgis. I left the commentaries to this last song because of his magnificent solo. Heís been playing very well all through the album, but here he really shows that heís an exceptionally good drummer. The solo is the dot on the i (and Tonyís vocals and bass playing is another dot!). The album leaves one with one less load to carry: everythingís in good shape. These guys do carry on with the Wishbone Ash tradition in the best possible way.





Andy is untypically "in my right ear" on this CD. As Andyís place on stage has changed too, Iíll go for this. Maybe the reason for my eagerness to compromise with this change is based on my satisfaction with this CD; big changes in the group, but good results in the live performance.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 2008