Illuminations - Credits

Produced by Andy Powell and Roger Filgate with Paul Avgerinos

Engineered by Paul Avgerinos and John Etchels with additional work by Al Payson. Additional vocal overdubs recorded at Jim Brady Studios, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.

Recorded primarily at Studio Unicorn, Redding, Connecticut; with additional work at Element Studios, Hampton Court, England; Reel Hits, Weston, Connecticut and North Shore Studios, Ridgefield, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Mixed at Studio Unicorn.

Additional information on the 1996 US printing:
      Mastered by John W. Edwards.



'All tracks published by JSE Publishing' except T. Kishman published by B.M.I

Artwork: Laurie Downing Design
Cover Concept: Richard Powell, Andy Powell, Laurie Downing
Photography: David Moffitt, Gary Carter, Carol Farnworth, Keith Curtis

Andy Powell and Roger Filgate - Gibson Guitars, Marshall Amplification D'Addario strings;
Mike Sturgis - Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals

Special thanks to: Leon Tsilis, Ann Bixby, Fred Wornok, Martin Turner, Ted Turner, Les Scott, Ray Weston, Richard Levine, Andy Pyle, Gary Carter, Dr. John, Carol Farnworth, Keith Curtis, Richard Powell, AJ Powell, Lawrence Powell, Mike Donovan, Steve Fisher, Michael Filgate, Jim Filgate, Don Messer, Rob Hazard, Dave Szymanski, Robert Shapiro, Mike Frohne, Claudia Haas, Howard and Tommy at Rock Around the World Travel, Bruce Hensal, Mike Mindel, Jon Moorehead, Al Payson, David Moffitt, Pauline Powell, Martin Looby, Mike Hill, Simon Alexander, Steve Yelding, Steve Ginrod, Jamie Crompton, Clive Brooks, Nick Sizer, Dan Dearnley, Pete and Lee Weber Mark Epstein, Mark Chatterton, Martin Hudson, Fred Renz, Ian Milton, Donald Stropholinok, Bob Drew.

This album is dedicated to the memories of John Sherry and Kip Turner.


Additional Credits on Friday Music Release (2005)

Reissue Producer: Joe Reagoso
Remastered by Joe Reagoso and Drew Raison
Thanks to Andy Powell, Roger Filgate for all
of your help in helping Illuminations get released in
North America for the first time [sic]. Truly a fine
Wishbone Ash album indeed! Cheers!


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 2009