Illuminations - Comments

A list of people who pre-ordered Illuminations in 1996

The list was included in early printings of the CD booklet.
I've divided the list according to the first letter of the surname for readability reasons



Robert Abbo, Mike Abon, Stephen J. Ackeret, Mark Adams, G.P. Adcock, Lee Aldridge, Peter Allen, Kevin Allen, Michael Allen, Allen Graham, Allsop Stephen, Don Anderson, Doug Anderson, Sascha Andres, M.T. Andrews, Ray Anniss, Ken Ansted, Gerardo Anzaldua, Terry Arnold, Scott Aultman, Glenn Avery,


Bryan B., Christopher Badgley, Annett Baetz, Reinhard Baetz, Stephen & Georgina Baines, Tamiko Bandai, Rory Banham, Erik Bannick, Jeff Barnett, Martin Barrett, Ivan Barrow, Z.T. Bateman. Jr., J.D. Batt, Paul Bayford, Paul Bedelle, Steve Bedelle, Alan Bednall, Mick & Soulla Bell, Robert Beresford, Ray Bieber, Courtney Bryant Bixby, Paul Blackburn, Ken Bohannon, Nigel Bower, John Boyle, Chuck Brady, Diana Brady, John Brady, Chris Brennan, John Brett, Tim Briefley, Colin Brooks, J. Brooks, Terry Brown, Stu Brown, Steve Brown, Dave Brown, Richard Bryan, Andy Bryant, Dennis Bubacz, Steve Bull, Michael Burke, Cameron Burns, John Busby, Tony Bush, Michael Buttkus,


Anthony Camarda, Stephen B. Campello, WIlliam Canty, Ian Canty, Stuart Canty, John M. Carr, Stefan Carr, Jeff Carsley, Ronnie Carson, Mark Carter, Colin Chapman, Brad Charteris, Graham Chatterley, Mark Chatterton, Jack Cherry, Michael G. Chollet, Jerry J. Chollet, D. Christian-Prince, Paul Iain Christopher, Ronnie Clark, Steve Clarke, Adin Clarke, Stephen J. Clarson, Alan Clayton, Guy Cleaver, Mark Edward Colton, Ursula Colville, James Conners, Jim "Bonehead" Connors, John Connett, Michael Constantine, Rose T. Conway, Brian Cook, Rick Cooper, Steve Cooper, Jenny Cornell, Denny Cornell, Dan Corradin, Jeff Couch, John Couch, James Court, Maurice Coyne, Clive Crane, Lonesome Crow, Charles Crown, Martin Crudge, Bob Cumner, Ian Cunliffe, Dallas Cupps, Jim Cusick,


Mike Darken, Steve Davidson, Michael Davidson, Huw Davies, Peter Davies, Victor Davies, George Davis-Stewart, Michael & Kristin Day, Bill Dean, Vartanian DeCloi, Barry Dennett, Frans Derks, Peter Devine, Mike Dixon, Scott Dodge, Bruce Don, Kent Donahue, Paul Dorsett, Ana Downs, Bob Drew, Bill Drew, Don Duggan, Alisdair Dunsmiur, Pete Dwyer, Ged Dwyer,


Mike Edgar, llo V. Edi, Nigel Edmonds, Joan Edmonds, Simon Edser, Paul England, Jon English, Joanne Erickson, Martin Evans,


Ron Fair, Robert C. Faison, Michael Farrell, Andy Faux, Dennis L. Few, Sandy Fife, James Finney, Russell Fish, Shawn Flaherty, R Flint, James D. Folsom, Chris Fortin, M.W. Frammingham, Alan Fretten, Rainer Frilund, Shinichirow Fukuda, Simon Fyffe,


Andrew Garcarz, Robin Garrett, Gerhard Geng, Gerhard Geng, Paul Gleave, C.A. Gojka, Kate & Rich Goldsmith, Bob Goldthorpe, John Grant, Mike Gray, Nigel Green, Steve Gregory, Mark Gregory, Brian Grills, Tony Guest, Brett Guidotti, Bob Gustafson, Mark Guy,


Peter Haddow, Jon Hahn, John HaIl, John Hallam, Ian Hamer, David Hancock, Colin Hargrave, Rob Harland, Richard Harling, John Hartnett, Yuji Hasegawa, Gordon Hay, Mike Hayne, R.S. Haynes, Kathleen Hempfling, Tony Henderson, Graham Henley, Allan Heron, Colin Hesketh, Kim Heudebourck, R.C. Hewlett, Lee Hewlett, David Hill, Peter Hingley, Petra Hock, Klaus Hoffmann, G.&A. Holland, Dave Holloway, Mike Holt, Mike Hooper, Trevor Hopkins, Del Hover, Trevor Howe, Keith Howe, Leland Hudson, Terry L. Hurd, Michael Hurst,


P.D. Inglis,


Bob Jaccino, Martin Jackson, Tim Janman, Dave Jappy, Kevin Jarvis, Dr. John, D.T. John, Jeffrey Johnson, Martyn Jones, Theresa Jones, Neil Jones, John Jordon. Jr., Steve Judge,


Andy Kearney, Robert J. Keegan, David Keeler, Paul Keenan, Emil J. Keleman, Paul Kern, Ken Kern, P.J. Kershaw, C. King, Doug Kohler, Steven Koontz, James A. Kruzik, Jan Krynski,


John La Mond, Thomas R. Langford, Leigh Langhorn, Graham Lavellin, Joseph Lavery, Jeremy Lawrence, Trevor Leaman, Andy Lee, Jill Berman Levy, Tony Lewis, Phil Lichfield, Bill Liska, David Logie, T.P. Loraine, Steve Lord, D.J. Lord, Kevin Lovatt, Rick Lowe, Murray Lucas,


Garnet MacPhee, Marc Maraccini, Tristan Marsh, Guy E. Martin, Nicholas Martin, Nicky Masters, Bruce Matthews, Phil Matthews, Douglas McBean, W. McCallum, Paul McDermott, Les Mclntosh, Ian McKay, Alister McKellar, B.J.C. McKernie, Ricky McNamee, Gerard McShane, John Mellec, Mark Mercado, Frank Mickey, Steve Miller, Hiroya Mizushima, Emory Moe, Spud Money, R.H. Montgomery, Correine E. Moore, Tim Morris, Mike Moscardelli, John J. Murphey, D.A. Murphy, Valerie Myers,


Kathleen A. Nally, Phil Nash, Andy Nathan, Brian Navier, Michael Needham, Stephen Patrick Neilson, John Nichol, R.W Nicholas, Greg Nicol, John Nixon, Sandy Noland, Rick Norman, Jeff Noyes,


Michael R. O'Connor, Nils-GŲran Ohlsson, Robert Oliveira, Steven Oxley,


Robert Parker, Stephen C. Parsons, Dave Pawelski, David Payne, S.R. Pearce, Brian Peck, Ron Pelletier, Andy Pennington, Mike Pering, Gerrie Peters, William Phillips, Scott Pickard, Andy Pinchbeck, Chuck Pisano, Sam Platt, David Pollard, Jeremy Pollitt, Martin Poole, J. Porter, Simon Jeremy Powell, Rod Prince, Chris Provost, Alan Pye,


Kevin Quadling,


Bob Rand, Robert Ratz, John Rawlings, Steve Rawlinson, "Diamond" Jack Reardon, Ed Reardon, Rick Reid, Fred Renz, Jim Reyer, S. Richards, Bill Richardson, Guy Roberts, Gary Roberts, Brian Robson, Anthony Roebuck, C.J. Rogers, Ed Romanski, Chris Rowsell, Nigel Rule, Sandie Russell, Keith Russell,


Ian Sadler, Robert D. Salmon, David Salter, David Sanders, Andi Saunders, Glenn Saunders, Peter T. Saunders, Thomas Schaumburg, Thomas Schmid, Alan Scobbie, Les Scott, Rod Screen, Colin Scudder, Philip Seed, Pat Shannon, J.A. Share, Dalas Shepperd, Neil Sillito, Francisco Silva, Ian Skinner, Jeremy Smallhorn, R. Mark Smith, Mike Smith, Rus Spangler, RonnIe John Spence, Brian Stanbury, Bob Steingraber, Ken Stephen, Peter Stewart, Paul Stillman, Jack Stinson, J. Stone, Peter Street, Peter Stumpf, Mel Suffield, Thomas A. Swaya, Dave Sweeney, Eamonn Sykes,


Duncan Talbot, R.P. Taylor, Christopher Taylor, Martin Teale, Dave Templeman, Ian Thomas, G. Thomas, D. Thomason, Mike Thompson, David Thompson, Jim Thomson, F. Tibbetts, Derek Lee Towers, Scott Townson, Richard Triance, Paul Tucker,


Janet E. Uhlmann,


Jos van den Heuvel, Richard R. Van Ry, Mervin Vance, Trevor Vanderplank, Dennis Varvatos, Bill Venn, David Vizard,


Tim Walters, David Walters, Nick Watson, Mike Weal, Pete Wedlake, Andrew Wells, Paul Wells, Ian Werner, Steve Whyman, Williams, Mick Williamson, Andy Willis, Tony Willmott, Steve Wilson, Steve Wiseman, C. Woodland, Jeff Woodward, D. Woodward, Alan Workman, James Edgar Worthley, M.W. Wressell, & Andrew Wyatt.


All in all 451 names (5 couples).


Illuminations - Personal View

This was a hard one! My expectations did rise as the previews praised the coming new release. "Maybe theyíre just sweetening it up". "Maybe I have too high hopes after the really good Live In Geneva CD with the new members." Well, now Iíve heard the album with my own ears and Iím impressed. Andy Powell and Roger Filgate are a perfect double lead pair rejuvenating the Wishbone Ash sound, but keeping up with the tradition. This album is just as good as any classic Wishbone Ash album! And remember, I donít earn a penny writing this. So why should I lie.

My only worry is: how to announce to the "world" that thereís a great album they ought to hear. Guitar based music is quite popular in Finland, so why not Wishbone Ash? To make it simple: people that listen to groups like CCR/John Fogerty, Dire Straits, the Finnish group Eppu Normaali, etc ought to have no problems in getting acquainted with Wishbone Ash (and maybe get a new "addiction"). Availability of the CD is of course a problem. Still, a small music shop in Kokkola Finland could get both the UK and the US printing, although it took some time.

OOPS! Iím supposed to comment the songs, not write about promotional problems... Well, here goes:


A majestic start and an even more majestic riff during the verse. A perfect starter to fulfill the high hopes. The song is very "Wishbone Ashy" with lots of guitars playing in both ears: harmonies and interacting melodies. Aaahh!

As a father of girls in their late teens, I really hope that theyíll never have to ask the same question as in this song "why did you have to go".

On Your Own

Another kind of build-up, and again you smile of satisfaction. "No problem with The Ash". Lots of slide guitar decorations on a driving basic rhythm. Tonyís vocals are really good.

A song about "growing old" and taking responsibility, at least thatís how I interpret it.

Top of the World

I give this song the title "the most melodic song on the CD " and that means a lot. The whole album is full of melodic songs packed with melodic guitars. This one should even suit the persons disliking guitars in full throttle. The "jingling" guitar just after Tonyís "Oh yeah!" before a solo is very nice.

The lyrics have another angle on the "on your own" -story. Now itís one half of a couple thatís left alone, while the other has a career on Top of the World. Reminds me of a couple of politicians and their other halves, for instance...

No Joke

Some more power compared to "Top of the World" in the beginning and a lot more when the song reaches the end. A real slowhand like me (and this is no joke) admires the fast part that appears in the beginning, the middle and even ends the song. Andy Powell calls the ending a guitarfest. Iíll have to agree.

Tales of the Wise

A epic in the classical Wishbone Ash way: a more peaceful start and a "guitar orgy" in the latter part. Now the latter part is divided in an incredibly fast beginning and a "mellow discussion" between guitars. A real joy to listen to! The lyrics are a return to the spirit of the first song. Only this time the fatherhood theme circles around the father: youíre responsible for the children you bring to this world.

Another Time

An interesting case in at least two ways.
First: The basic idea is the same as on the song Bolanís Monument but can two songs based on the same idea be more different than these?
Second: An acoustic version of this song is on the Archives III and on the USASH Christmas gift cassette in 1995. The CD version is a layer upon layer addition to the acoustic version (is this how the Ash songs are usually "built"?). To decorate it even more, thereís an altogether new all-electric final part. In that part the drummer Mike Sturgis shows that heís a real handyman!

A Thousand Years

In the interviews the new guitarist, Roger Filgate, tells that one his favourite guitar players is Steve Howe of YES. When I listen to this song I somehow see some more of YES. The melody and the sound of the bass guitar are something that I could easily imagine Jon Anderson to sing and Chris Squire to play bass. Still, this is an original song, not a copy. It just has the old YES atmosphere in it.

The Ring

Some really beauuutiful acoustic guitar and an equally beautiful melody. Words cannot express my near-nirvana feelings during this song. Siiiiigh

In Finnish: "Sissus ko on akustiset vireessš!" (Rough translation: "jeez those acoustics are in tune!")

Comfort Zone

What a way to get oneself back to the earth: a killer riff! If you think that a CD full of guitar-based music is boring, youíre wrong! Listen to this song and the one before it and youíll see that the guitar is a very versatile instrument (and that Andy Powell and Roger Filgate arenít guys with just one idea).

Mystery Man

A song where the guitarists have "divided" their jobs in yet another way: Roger plays the slide with an ethereal sound here and there and Andy sort of a fast rhythm guitar.

The song tells about the outcasts, especially the Vietnam veterans, but it can be translated to any circumstances. At least the Finnish recession has produced some outcasts too: people without a job and no hope of getting it either no matter how they try. And the politicians dare to say theyíre lazy!

Wait Out the Storm

Both the guitars and the lyrics are in an optimistic mood in the official finale. The feeling that I get is: Letís march on and head for "the light in the distance". Something of a Warrior-feeling to the song although itís melodically quite different.

The Crack Of The Dawn (bonus instrumental track)

A perfect real finale: After waiting out the storm, the sun is rising (the double lead solo in the chorus part). Some of you might have heard an acoustic version of this (just as Another Time) in Archives III and/or on the USASH Christmas gift cassette in 1995. There this song was called Ship Of Dreams. A good album from a good group! The sun ought to rise for this album, so that everyone would have the possibility to hear it.



If I havenít got it all wrong, many of the songs are the result of jamming sessions. Most songs are written by Andy Powell and Roger Filgate. Itís not unusual that a team produces good results because thereís always a sparring partner. This album proves this system works! In fact many of the early Ash songs were a result of jam sessions, so hereís a successful return to the proven method.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 1998