Live in Chicago - Credits

Produced by Ted Turner, Andy Powell & Fred Breitberg

Recorded by Metromobile on January 24 & 25 1992 at Easy Street, Glenview, Chicago, Illinois.

Remixed at Streetsville Studios, Chicago, Illinois.
Mastered by Wally Traugott at Capital Records
Engineer - Fred Breitberg, assisted by Tim Powell & Jim Godsey
Road Manager - Keith Marks
House Sound - Pete Griffith
Photography - Michelle Burke

Special Thanks to John Lennard - Permanent Records. Brian Glynn and all the Staff at Easy Street.

Thanks also to Fred Wornock, Kathy Page, John McCartney, Dave Freedman, Jimmy Jenkins - Guitar Center, Derek Timms, Bonni Lloyd & John Ingram - P.R.S. Guitars, Make -n- Music, Music Works, Michelle Burke, Washburn Guitars, Peggy Chapell & Ken Hensley - St. Louis Music.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 1998